Jams, pickles and chutney

Waterhouse Fayre homemade preserves, jams, pickles and chutney can found throughout the West Country; in farm shops, delicatessens, specialist cheese shops as well as tea rooms, restaurants and hotels.

Homemade stawberry jam Devon the south of England

A journey which started as a way to use those surplus home grown raspberries by turning them into jam in Ann Stallard’s kitchen.

English jams preserves and pickles Devon the south of England

A business which started on Saturday mornings at the South Molton Pannier Market which has grown over the years.

Homemade pickles and preserves Devon , the south of England

But it is still a family affair which runs from home. Still only producing small batches in their preserving pans.

Homemade artisan jams Devon the south of England

Producing the award winning traditional handmade jams, preserves, pickles and chutneys for which they have built an enviable reputation.


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