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Food & Drink photographers in the East of England

susanbroccoliphotography.co.uk – loving photography, it’s difficult to know what to say about yourself as a photographer, because I think that the images say it all. However, my style is sometimes a little quirky as I love different taking photos from different angles and perspectives. I started in photography way back in 1983, which seems so long ago now and we all know that much has changed from the manual and instamatic pocket cameras to today’s technology-filled digital cameras which are still improving in leaps and bounds even when we think there is nothing left to improve. I work with a Canon DSLR not because of any particular preference, but, solely as that was the first one I bought and upgraded from there whenever I needed to. One of my other great cameras that I have with me is my trusty iPhone, which I use as an additional device or sometimes, stand-alone. I specialise in product photography and food photography. I’ve worked in the business sector doing product photography for website images including hotels and restaurants in Italy as well as the UK, food hampers, electrical components, CBD products, jewellery and perfume. I love dealing with products as you never know what’s coming next and what I’ll need to do. I have a very creative style which means as well as the standard white background images for selling on sites like Amazon, I put life into them with their ingredients or accessories to show them off to their best.

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