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Food & Drink photographers in London – I’m a London based photographer with a big passion for photography… food, produce, people, interiors… I’ve worked with clients such as Planet Organic, Gails Bakery and Pasta Evangelists as well as having spent 2.5 years as the In House Photographer for Gordon Ramsay Group. My work has been seen across advertising, editorial & social campaigns. I’m fascinated with form and shape, the colour of the harvest, the simplicity in styling. And love the way chefs combine and develop all ingredients into small plated works of art. I’m happiest being in kitchens – being around the passionate dynamics, bustle, laughter. – Andre is a food, drink & lifestyle photographer with over 20 years’ experience, so brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to your photographic projects. Andre is skilled at using both studio and natural lighting to produce the desired atmosphere for each assignment. He has a strong team of professionals that he can draw upon for each commission, whether it be editorial, packaging or advertising work. Andre can be found at his North London studio and development kitchen in Tottenham.

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