South West

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Food & Drink photographers in the South West – Based in Cornwall, tinkering with photography runs in Kate’s family. Starting with her Grandpa and his old Rollieflex TLR followed by her Dad and his Nikon, Kate picked up her first serious camera at the age of 14. The hobby flourished and soon became the main medium of any artwork. After graduating from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth with a BA (Hons) Photography, Kate lived and worked in London for 14 years shooting for many top editorials, book publishers and commercial clients. She now lives in the wilds of north Cornwall working between the two and travelling where the work takes her. She has a beautiful food studio in her garden in Cornwall flooded with natural light and full to the brim with beautiful props and backgrounds. Her approach is authentic and relaxed thoughtful composition and light paired with a great sensitivity to her subject. Living by the sea is her greatest inspiration, the ever changing mood of the ocean and skies and the wild ruthlessness of the north coast.

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